You want to provide life-changing moments — and you want everyone to walk away with laughter, connection, and actions they can take today. I provide the tools people need to make lasting transformation (no quick-fix mentality allowed here), along with simple steps they can implement immediately.

Whether a Keynote or an intimate in-depth workshop, the audience will be engaged and inspired.

“Sheri, you spoke at the Luncheon - it made a difference in my life! In less than 4 weeks, I have walked more than 125 miles and I have lost 3.5 pounds. All because you said I need to have a reason to want it. Thank you for inspiring me!” - April J.

  • Are you worried about your company’s health care costs and productivity?

  • Is your organization looking for an entertaining (and healthy) workshop?

  • Do you want to help your friends and family in a small-group setting?

“Sheri provides a valuable, positive and effective way to invest in your employees. She was extremely informative in our health workshop and engaged very well with our group. She took the time to really listen and answer any questions. I highly recommend ViREO Life to encourage a more healthy and productive lifestyle, both professionally and personally.” - Stacey B. Covenant Heating and Cooling.

Popular Topics

  • Energy for Work and Life - How to increase your capacity to “get things done” by increasing your energy.

  • Making Habits Stick - This session gives you the thoughts and mental tools to make healthy living a life-long habit. We walk through my eight-part framework to create a plan to transform the actions into habits, and the habits into results.

  • Set the Table - Cut through the conflicting nutrition information. Learn to eat for pleasure, energy, and health. It really can be done.


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