Tired of trying methods, diets, gadgets, and books that don’t work? The health/fitness industry has a lot of one-size-fits-all and quick-fix programs — and they don’t work. It is time to find your unique path. Thrive Life is a 16 week immersion course to guide you to results that last.


Enrollment opens again soon.

Email me at sheri@thevireolife if you want me to save a spot for you.

Are you neglecting your #1 tool to THRIVE in your LIFE?

Want to:

  • Increase energy and confidence

  • Decrease worry about lifestyle diseases

  • Expand the freedom in your thoughts and peace with yourself

  • Have more focus

  • Be more productive and fulfilled

  • Enjoy more of your life – whether big adventures or time with family

  • Stop the "Fad Diet Rollercoaster”

Your path includes:

  • INTUITIVE EATING: Learn, personalize and practice listening to the innate wisdom of your body. Trust that your body was designed to tell you what it needs, when it needs it, and how much it needs. Set up your menu planning and make-over your pantry for success.

  • LIFESTYLE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Find exercise that fits your lifestyle

  • GET UNSTUCK: Overcome old habits, beliefs, and ways of thinking that keep you trapped and get the tools you need to create the strong, healthy life you desire.

  • A 16 week immersion course, at only $160, delivered to your inbox with videos, step-by-step instruction, worksheets, recipes, support resources, and a monthly group coaching session to immerse you in your ViREO Life, so you can thrive.

  • Questions about the course? Please email me at sheri@thevireolife.com