Five Lessons to Make a Habit

It’s done! My tooth implant journey that started about 6 months ago is finished and, wow, there are some “how to make a habit” lessons you need to know from this.

Last fall I posted videos about the parallels between getting the implant and how to make a habit.

  1. When something is no longer serving you, it is time to replace it. (For example, my baby tooth had been loose for years and I was having to eat around it.)

  2. Fake it. When you are making a new habit it will feel unnatural and uncomfortable to you at first. (As the metal implant adhered to the bone, I had to wear a fake-tooth “contraption” in my mouth. Not comfortable.)

The day of the final procedure (getting the permanent tooth attached) I had two more ah-ha’s. One I share in this video. The other one came immediately after the procedure - and is probably the biggest lesson - and the hardest one. Which means, personally, I’ll apply it most going forward when I am making a new habit.

What is it?

Do Not Wait.

I kept putting off getting the implant for years. Various reasons. (A.K.A. Various excuses.)

But once it was done, I thought “Why did I wait?” I can eat without being “extra careful to not hit the baby tooth.” I can take kickboxing lessons without worrying about the loose tooth.

Suddenly the reasons and excuses sounded silly.

What habit are you wanting to make? What major transformation or tiny shift do you desire? Take a second and think about that. Then think about your excuses.

A few months from now you can look back and say “Well, if I’d started I would be here by now.” Or you can say “Wow! I did it!” (Worst case? “Wow! I’m come so far!”)

Either way the months will pass. Those excuses for not making your new habit will seem silly once you make the habit.

Do Not Wait.

Get the people and resources you need (which was another habit-making lesson) - and then go make it happen.