Relationships...Part 2

Last week I discussed how important relationships are for support, encouragement, and wisdom.  In this post I'll pull some quotes from Dr. Norman B. Anderson's book Emotional Longevity: What Really Determines How Long You Live.

In one study "a number of social relationships were measured, including marital status, church attendance, and participation in volunteer activities.  Women with smaller social networks had a mortality rate nearly double that of those high in social low in social ties died at two to three times the rate of men with strong social connections."

Other studies Dr. Anderson referenced showed the following:

  • Relationships predict heart-disease deaths and heart attack recovery
  • Relationships predict against the common cold
  • Relationships predict birth outcomes
  • Relationships predict hypertension...atherosclerosis...and stress-hormone levels

Bottom line?  Get out there and make some good friends.


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