Age Well...Habits for Life

Recently I spoke at the Sertoma Club of Hendersonville, TN.  My topic was Making Healthy Habits for Life.  If you want to age well, then you'll want to incorporate healthy habits for life, right?  But how do you make new habits stick?

September is Healthy Aging Month, so I'd thought I'd share three of the tips from this workshop:

1.  Focus on a limited number of new actions.  Why?  Focus strengthens.  Diffusion weakens.  Compare a laser and the sun.  What 1-3 new healthy activities do you want to be part of your life first?  (Remember, as these become easier, you can add in others.)

2.  Make a minimal commitment.  What is a tiny action you can do everyday no matter what?  For example, if your "real" goal is to walk, then your minimal commitment might be to put on your walking shoes and step out the front door every morning.  If you still feel like going back to bed instead of walking, maybe you really do need some extra sleep that day.  A minimal commitment is less daunting when you are tired, frustrated, or pressed for time.   It is easier to get out of bed to put on your shoes than it is to get out of bed to walk 3 miles.  The big benefit?  It keeps your new goal "top of mind."

What is your minimal commitment?

3.  Meditate, think regularly about, the new habits and their benefits.  What reminders can you put in place for your new habit?

Let me know how these tips help you!  Keep aging well.


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