Someone who has been there...

Friends:  Sheri Traxler, James Cobb, Jennifer McCoy, Patty Whitehead

Friends:  Sheri Traxler, James Cobb, Jennifer McCoy, Patty Whitehead

Relationships.  We need each other for practical help:  moving, baby sitting, sharing recipes, etc.  We need to bounce ideas around and get wisdom from others.  And, of course, accountability is an important part of relationships.

Today I want to focus on a critical benefit of relationships:  emotional support we receive in crisis.  Finding out that you have "something" going on in your life that you did not expect can throw you.  Strength comes when people come around you saying...

  • "You're going to make it."
  • "We will find an answer."
  • "God is faithful and will not forsake you and will not let you go."
  • "I am here with you."
  • "All is well."

And then the one that is a living, breathing picture of hope for me personally...

  • "I have been there.  I understand.  You are not alone.  I am standing here now and you will stand, too. "  

Knowing someone who has "been there" requires that you build a variety of relationships now, invest your life into others' lives, and then not be timid to ask for support when you need it.

Who will you invest in today?

And, if you need support today, who has been there?  Reach out to them.



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