What are your favorite family memories?

It is Family Health Month.  So, I'd thought I'd take us down memory lane.

What are your favorite family memories...specific to exercise and nutrition?  Mine are the afternoon and weekend walks with my mother. Our farm was on a dirt/gravel road with very little traffic, so we'd often walk together and talk about whatever my young girl's heart wanted to talk about.  (Maybe it was the talking I enjoyed the most, but it is still a great memory.)

We had my "troublesome teenage years" discussions while walking.  In fact, I remember exactly where we were walking when she helped me dream about all of the great times to come in college (vs. the usual high school struggles).

Other favorite family memories around health relate to food.  Birthday parties with the cousins, where my grandmother would make the birthday dinner of favorite foods (mine were sweet potatoes, turnip greens, and her homemade cornbread).  Freezing and preserving the garden harvest.  (That memory is sweet in retrospect.  The work itself was not so wonderful.)  And the memory that makes me laugh now is dinners of "liver and greens."  Liver is full of nutrients, so we ate it; I actually liked the taste; but in school when I learned the function of the liver ... well, let's just say I find other ways to get those nutrients in as an adult.

Now it is your turn.  What are your family memories about health?  And more important, what healthy memories are you creating for your children and grand-children?  Please share in the comments your answers.


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