Herbal Remedies for the Outdoors

Enjoy mint on your skin to repel insects.

Enjoy mint on your skin to repel insects.

August and September...the last of summer.  Time to be outdoors in the evenings and weekends, enjoying the warmth.  How to help with the bugs and minor scrapes?  Just turn to your herb garden or the herbs already in your kitchen.  Thanks to Lisa Bedner for the advice below:

1.  Rosemary - Is antibacterial for the skin.  Create a strong tea and use as a wash on scrapes.  You can also create a poultice (crushed rosemary in warm - not hot oil) and soothe the scrapes.  Leave on poultice and cover with cloth or bandage.

2.  Mint - Repels insects.  Either rub the fresh leaves directly on your skin or infuse oil with crushed mint for 2 weeks.  Rub your skin with the oil.

3.  Basil - This tip comes from Rosemary Gladstar's book Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide.  Basil, mashed or chewed into a poultice, helps to take out the swelling and itching of an insect bite or sting.

For all of these, use fresh if you have it.  Dried leaves can be somewhat effective, too.

Keep enjoying the outdoors!



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