How you end ... is how you begin


What does that mean for us now?  

How do you want to end 2016?  I want to end mine with letting go of the junk, celebrating the wins, and preparing to run (maybe not literally) in 2017.

Here are some questions based on my book, Go Forward, to help you end 2016 and begin 2017:

  • Is there any person or event or emotion you need to let go from 2016?
  • If it is too intense or too recent to completely process, what is the "piece" of it that you can let go?  And what is the first step in 2017 you will take next in healing?   Who do you need to forgive?
  • What were your biggest 3 successes in 2016?  Why did you achieve them and what can you learn from them to carry into 2017?
  • Goals need to have a reason why.  If you want to get stronger in 2017, ask yourself why.  What are the benefits to your life once you are stronger?  (Or more energetic or have less pain or...?)
  • You need both Outcome and Behavior Goals.  Outcome:  Be able to walk 4 miles in 65 minutes by June 1st.  Behavior:  Get on a regular walking plan, increasing by 10% each week.  What are 3 outcome and behavior goals to get you started in 2017?

Let me know how you apply these ideas!  By the week in Facebook I plan to post a "day of healthy habits" - following throughout the day what I do for health.  I challenge you to do the same.  I'd love to see your ideas!


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