Worried you might not keep your New Year's Resolutions? 3 Tricks

You aren't alone.  But there are tricks to keeping your resolutions...here are three.

1.  Get an accountability partner.  Not someone who will nag you (or be a watchdog), but someone who will encourage you.  And who will show a little tough-love when needed.  Who can keep you on track?  How can they help you?

2.  Reminders.  Whether sticky notes on your pantry door or your walking shoes by the front door, we need visual cues when we are making new habits.

3.  Focus only on one new habit each week.  I was talking with someone last week who is changing their diet and exercise to lower their cholesterol.  "Wow, that's a lot to remember and do" was her response after we talked about the changes needed.

"No worries.  Take each of the ideas you want to do and focus on one for a week or two before adding the next.  You don't have to change everything immediately."  The lifestyle change became much more do-able.

Happy and Healthy New Year!


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