Seven questions to keep your in-laws from derailing your healthy habits

A client was distraught. 
Family beach vacation time. Not her, husband, and kids. But her extended husband's family, who were generally critical.


She had been learning to eat intuitively and was losing weight *slowly* - but the thought of being in a swimsuit around her in-laws with their comments was tempting her to crash diet before the trip.

In other families, the push is with “Don’t be so goody-goody. You can skip your workouts this week.” or “You just think you are better than us, ordering fish instead of pizza.”

Whether your family tries to shame you into another roller-coaster diet or tries to guilt you out of choices you are making, ask yourself these questions I asked my coaching client:

1. "Do you really want to get back into the diet mentality and lose-gain cycle you were on?"
2. "Do you want to give them control of your health and confidence?"
3. "What do you want to say to their comments or looks? Think about it ahead of time." (We role-played the conversations and it really helped her.)
4. "What can you do to boost your sense of self-esteem before and during the trip?"
5. "What will you wear that makes you feel strong and confident?"
6. "Will you message someone every day for encouragement to stay the course?" (For my clients, I can be that “someone.”)

IMG_0032 (1).JPG

And #7 “What were the reasons you started this journey? What have been the benefits?” Think about that answer several times a day.

Bonus thought: If they criticize, what is the worst that can happen? If you give in, what will happen?

You are with them for a week.

You are with you for a life.


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