DASH Diet to Good Blood Pressure

I'm not contradicting myself when I teach you about the DASH diet.  Intuitive Eating, the form of Nutrition you learn about from me, says, "Don't Diet."  (Diets have been shown in numerous research to cause stress, poor eating habits, and long-term weight gain in the majority of people.)

However, Intuitive Eating includes "gentle nutrition" - which definitely involves knowing what eating patterns are best for any medical issue you manage.  

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month.  So, here are three ways to help manage high blood pressure:

1.  Move More (aka Exercise and Physical Activity throughout your day)

2.  Manage your Stress

3.  Follow the DASH diet.  If high blood pressure runs in your family, or you are currently dealing with it, watch this video to learn the details.


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