HWSS. The best secret you want to share.


It will hopefully not be a secret for long.  HWSS my shorthand for Intuitive Eating basics.  Here's an overview of how we were created to eat.  Use the questions before you eat to listen to your needs.

H - Hunger.  Are you physically hungry?  What are the signs your body gives you that you are ready to eat?  What are the symptoms that say you've waited too long?   

W - Want.  What do you want to eat?  Not what do you think you crave for fear of deprivation.  But what would "feel good" after you've eaten it?  Are you needing a particular fruit?  Are a balanced meal?  Does fish or red meat sound most satisfying right now?  Really tune into the subtle cues.

S - Slow and savor.  Don't eat with distraction.  Research consistently shows that we overeat by 10% when we eat while doing other tasks (even reading this blog).  Present your food well.

S - Stop when you are satisfied.  What cues does your body give that you've had enough?  Is the taste diminishing from when you started to eat?

In March, which is National Nutrition Month, I'll delve in a little deeper.  My challenge to you right now is pick one letter each week and practice listening to your body.  Then let me know - either here or on Facebook (facebook.com/TheViREOLife) about what you've learned.  Share this with your dieting-again friends.  Let's not keep this a secret.


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