Is it the Industry? Is it the Plan? Or...

I was reading what someone wrote about financial investing strategies.  "If my investing is going badly, it is one of only two possibilities: either something in the plan is not working or I am not adhering to the plan.  Discipline improves my chance of success."


I immediately thought of one attempted investment in our health.  Dieting.  Ugh.  For years I thought the diet rollercoaster was because of not adhering to the plan (a.k.a. the latest diet fad).  Turns out that something in the plan (diet) was not working.  Not a particular diet, but the overall concept of dieting. 

Research is showing us repeatedly now how dieting sets up a subtle fear of deprivation and triggers our boundary protection.  If you have ever experienced the "last supper binge" you know about the fear of deprivation.  "I'm going to eat all the chocolate in the house, because for the next 90 days I won't eat any sweets."  Then 5 days into it, you "cheat" and binge again.  Because you are starting again Monday.

Also, when an external rule (even one you make for yourself) says you can only have so many calories or grams of ___, your sense of autonomy says "Really?  Just watch me."  Then we beat ourselves up for lack of discipline.

There is an answer.  Intuitive Eating.  In Part Two I'll introduce you to how you were designed to eat.


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