How to finish your year strong (a.k.a. why I love November)


I was always one of those kids who loved the start of a new semester at school...the blank notebooks, the new pens and pencils, and, of course, the new clothes.  These all promised a fresh beginning: last term is over and this semester will be better.

In adult life, that experience is (kind of) January.  

As an adult I don't get a clean slate every few months.  Even January is not purely a fresh start, since the emails and projects left incomplete on December 31st are still to be finished.  In adult life, though, I get to experience the joy of November.  What's that?

It is taking a deep breath, digging into reserves, and finishing strong. 

I ran cross-country in college.  (Don't be too impressed.  It was a small school that needed 5 people to qualify as a team.  We had 4 runners.  The coach said, "Sheri, I know you like to run, though I know you aren't fast.  The other runners can make up your time, I just need you to finish every race."  I did.  Once I even finished last...but I finished.)

Anyway, in training I learned how to finish strong.  

I don't want give up on the race of this year, saying "Oh, I'll just do better next year."  I love November because there are still two full months to make a huge impact on my life and goals.  Plus, I can more easily envision two months than I can a whole year.

What about you?  What can you do to finish this year strong?  Perhaps...

  • Revisit the dreams you had for this year.  Which one still burns bright in your desire? 
  • What time can you carve out to focus on that goal in the next 8 weeks?
  • Is there a project you began at the beginning of the year that you need to decide "keep or toss?"  If your answer is "keep," then re-prioritize and make some progress.
  • How are your health goals?  In 8 weeks you can significantly increase your fitness level.  Why wait until next year? 
  • How will you keep stress levels low during the upcoming holidays?

As I learned from my pastor years ago, how I finish one season is how I start the next.

To start next year strong, let's finish strong. 


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