Videos and Audios coming right up!

In the world of ViREO Life, we've started some video and audio projects.  The main one we filmed on Monday, Feb 22nd.  Several friends came over and we discussed Nourishment and Intuitive Eating.  Oh, and we ate some really good food, too.  (Of course, I am biased.  I cooked it.)  We'll release it as a DVD and CD and downloads by end of March.  

We also have video projects starting for a YouTube channel.  Some of the first videos will be about Tiny Gardening.  For example, what to do inside your existing landscaping.  And what 2-3 container gardening options to try.  

I'm getting advise on this at next weekend's Nashville Lawn and Garden show.  I will be interviewing experts in home gardening.  Here's where you come in...what questions do you want answered?  I will be glad to ask the vendors at the Lawn and Garden Show.

  • What struggles are you having getting started?
  • What is confusing to you?
  • If you have started gardening, what issues do you need help with?

Thanks for sharing your questions.  And healthy gardening!


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