Life doesn't come with a syllabus...

The book is done.  The Kindle version uploaded and "published" last night.  Now that it is done, I think, "Oh, that wasn't so difficult."

But then as I am looking back over my 2015 planner and journal, I am reminded of the struggles.  

  • Not knowing anything about publishing vs. self-publishing.  Not knowing where to even start researching it.
  • How to find an editor (An editor was the only role I knew I needed.  But, who?)
  • Not knowing what steps needed to happen.  And the more I read on the internet, the more I realized how much I did not know.  

I won't tire you with the details (as interesting as they are to me).  I will use the experience to encourage you. 

When you are faced with a situation about which you have zero or near-zero knowledge...nor do you know anyone who has dealt with are the questions that helped me:

  • Who do I know who might know someone with experience or answers?   (For me, I remembered someone who might know an editor.  Eventually, that editor introduced me to a formatter, a role I didn't know I needed.)
  • What have I done in the past when I was clueless and had no direction?  (Recently for me was starting a garden.)  Mimic those ideas.
  • What are the commonalities I read on the internet?  (There are always "themes" that surface in an area.  Pursue those first.)
  • Trust.  Faith.  That one is difficult for those of us who need a plan.  I don't have to know all of the steps upfront.  (Though I really really want to know.)  Life doesn't come with a syllabus.  Once I have a few answers and a few people-connections, just start.  Those actions will then lead me to the next "right questions and people."  Be all right that I will take actions that turn out "not perfect."  If I can't change them this time, I will next time.  Even with those less-than-perfect outcomes, I at least have an outcome.  In this case, a book that will help so many folks in their health journey.

Next for me is a DVD and audio and YouTube.  I'll ask myself those questions again.  What is next for you?



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