Bring on the herbs!

Whoops!  We were traveling for over a week (more on that later) and the device we took to update the ViREO Life blog would not allow updates.  So I apologize for the skipped post!

However, I think you will be glad for the information I will get to share.  Part of our trip was to Monticello's Annual Harvest Festival.  Herbs and preparing a home herbal apothecary were a big part of this year's festival.  So since our last two focus areas for September are Cholesterol Education Month and Health Aging Month, here are a few herbs I learned that may help:

For cholesterol issues, check out rosemary and dandelion root as possible supports.

For healthy aging, consider nettle for overall health, red clover for women in menopause, horsetail, comfrey, and even parsley for bone health, and pumpkin seeds for prostate health.

The classes were fascinating.  I learned how to make herbal infusions, tinctures, and medicinal oils.  In the next couple of weeks I'll share pictures, links and lessons.  The biggest lesson so far is that since herbs in "stronger than culinary doses" act as medicine in the body, consulting with both a certified herbalist and your primary physician together will give you the best results.  Until then, keep exercising, eating healthy, and now toss some herbs into your salads and cooking!


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