Say "Thanks" to your P.T.

October is National Physical Therapy month.  So, I want to say "Thank you!" to all of the Physical Therapists who have helped me over the years.  You know those years I thought I could be a long-distance runner and discovered I am an over-pronator.  (But thanks to my P.T.'s, I can still run short distances.)  And those years I thought I could skip my warm-ups and found that my rotator cuffs did not like that.  (So, now I still do my P.T. exercises before my weight workouts.)  Oh, I can't forget that "strange leg alignment and low back issue" that multiple P.T.'s have tried to fix.  (I'm still doing the exercises daily that keep it manageable...and I'm still looking for the P.T. who has the magic answer to completely solve the puzzle.)

So, if you have ever worked with a Physical Therapist, remember to say "Thanks!"

And, of course if you have some aches or injuries now, go find a P.T. to help.  Each has different specialty training and experience, so if it doesn't get better with one therapist, try another.  The solution is out there!


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