Healthy for the Holidays Part One

Not a Sand-Castle...but a Sand-TURKEY!

Not a Sand-Castle...but a Sand-TURKEY!

We are beginning a two month stretch now of busy, busy, busy and food, food, food.  This is usually a time when folks stop exercise programs, stress out, and gain weight.  ViREO Life is here to help!  Most weeks in the next two months, I'll share tips to help you be Healthy for the Holidays!

Let's start with preventing a lot of stress:  Get out paper and your calendar and...

  • Write down all that you think you need to do or to buy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.  Complete the list by Sunday night November 8th.
  • Be Choosy!  Ask yourself:  Which ones will add the most value and be the most fun?  Star them.  Schedule them on your calendar.  And remember that the rest are probably someone else's "should-do's"... so forget those items.
  • Be Organized!  Ask:  When do I want to have shopping completed?  Then write that on your calendar.  When do I want to have gift wrapping and cards completed?  Who can help with decorating, cooking, etc.?  How can I save time on the activities that add value, but aren't really fun to me?  Complete your organizing list by Sunday November 15th.
  • Be Frugal!  Determine not to go in debt for the Holidays.  Set a budget for food, parties, clothes, gifts, and whatever else you normally buy.  Set the budget by November 22nd, or before you start buying decorations, etc.
  • Be Active!  Take care of yourself.  Schedule your exercise time and to whom you will be accountable.  If you want help designing an exercise routine to fit your busy Holiday schedule, ViREO Life can help with that. 

We look forward to working with you during this Season of Celebrations!


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