Healthy for the Holidays...Part Three

We are one week from Thanksgiving!  So, let's talk about the turkey (and mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole and stuffing and ... ).  How do you enjoy your favorites and not regret it later?

  1. Pick your favorites and leave the rest
  2. Make it a one day feast ... one day of celebrating isn't an issue.  It is the leftovers and overeating at multiple parties that add up
  3. Or ... enjoy celebrating several times, but not a "feast" at any of them
  4. Increase your water.  This helps to avoid false hunger and limits wasted liquid calories.
  5. Increase your protein and limit your sugar.  This helps to regulate your appetite.
  6. Don't eat just veggies to "be good" - you may feel deprived and overeat later
  7. Don't eat mindlessly, "just because it is there"
  8. Focus on the first 3 bites - after that the pleasure of any food decreases
  9. Modify recipes to increase the vegetable ingredients (for instance, add 1/3 more onions and celery into your stuffing)
  10. Tempted to overeat something you enjoy?  Get the recipe.  It is not now or never.  You can make it again in January (and February and March ... ).

Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy and savor every bite!


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