It's Tea Time

In the September gardening and health courses I took at Monticello's Harvest Festival, I learned about the nutritional and medicinal qualities of herbs.  Many of these herbs we are already growing in our garden...sage, lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil.  However, many herbs are not in our garden, such as mullein, horsetail, stinging nettles and red clover.

If you are not yet growing herbs, or are missing some you would like to try for tea, infusions, or tinctures, there is a local tea shop in Nashville that carries 100's!  I spent part of yesterday afternoon checking out High Garden in Nashville, TN.  The staff is very helpful with the herbs and their uses.  You can measure out herbs for your own combinations or purchase their packaged blends.  And for fun you can sit and drink a pot of tea while visiting with friends.  If you don't live in Nashville, no worries.  They package and ship what you need.

Next time you are near downtown Nashville, drop by


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