Do "Get Help"

For any other “Marvel Universe” watchers out there, you may recognize the phrase I used in the title. In one of the movies, two characters - Thor and Loki - discuss whether or not to do “get help” to overcome an unsuspecting enemy.

In essence it went something like this:

Thor: Let’s do “Get Help.”

Loki: No, let’s don’t. It’s embarrassing.

Thor: No, it is fun.

Next scene:

Loki is leaning on Thor as they walk off an elevator acting as though Loki is wounded.

Thor: (yelling) Please! Someone “Get Help” my brother is hurt!

Then as everyone is distracted, he picks up Loki and hurls him like a flying bowling ball, knocking over the surprised enemy like bowling pins.


We all have situations in life where we actually do need to Get Help and we aren’t bluffing. Making new habits is one of those situations.

In my book Go Forward: 28 Days to Eat, Move, and Enjoy Life God’s Way, I share the story of a friend who lost both of his legs in a freak accident. He was determined to stay healthy and to do so had to Get Help for uncommonly creative exercise routines.

Where do you need to Get Help to make new health habits? Who can help you? Do you need a personal trainer or health coach? Do you need to visit your doctor about something?

Whomever it is, contact them in the next week and Get the Help you deserve.