Ten (Side) Benefits of Small Space Gardening

When we started gardening it was because I said “If I’m going to have to tend to landscaping, I want to eat it.”

So our initial benefit was some of our grocery store was out our back door.

But I’ve experienced surprises along the way …

  • Time with Doug - planning, planting, harvesting.

  • Get to know neighbors better - they are always curious about what’s growing.

  • Fun sharing herbs and volunteer plants with friends

  • Beautiful setting for morning Bible Study

  • Lovely place for lunch

  • Getting to learn about bugs and bees

  • Learning about plants and various ways to use them. (Who knew radish greens were delicious?)

  • Weeding is a great time to let your mind wander and relax

  • Lots of life lessons are hidden in the garden — beyond just “sowing and reaping”

  • Chance for teens to earn missions-trip money, when we get tired of weeding.

If you have considered the idea of putting in a raised bed or small garden - do it.

It is worth it.


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