Don't let this discourage you!

The Cleveland Clinic recently released an exercise study. Basics?

  1. Retrospective (so we’re looking at correlation, not causation)

  2. Results: People with elite fitness levels (2 standard deviations above the mean - a.k.a. off-the-chart) had significantly greater longevity (a.k.a. they lived longer) than moderately fit people.

  3. Their Conclusions: “Everyone should be encouraged to attain very high fitness levels.”

Yes and no. I have mixed feeling about their conclusions. If I were writing the conclusion, I’d say “Everyone should be encouraged to attain their personal best fitness level, knowing that fitness/longevity is dose-response. A 5 mile walk yields greater results than a 3 mile walk. But don’t be discouraged - a 3 mile walk is more effective than a 1 mile.”

Get it?

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