Fake It (til you make it)

Is it a waste of time to start a fitness plan?
Perhaps. (Heads up - I have a gift for you that will keep you from wasting your effort. Scroll to the bottom to get your gift.)

The truth is starting may be a waste, IF you start WITHOUT knowing what it takes to stick.

One of the reasons you start/stop/start/stop/start/stop is thinking it shouldn't feel weird ... that somehow a new habit should feel like second nature.

It won't feel normal at first. You have to fake it, at first.

(This video teaches you about the principle. The video below gives you some examples.)

Here are some examples of what you should expect to feel weird:
- Eating at the table vs. in front of the computer
- Walking for 1/2 of your lunch break instead of scrolling your phone
- Shopping in different parts of the grocery store
(There are more examples in the video)

Tired of wasting time with start/stop/start/stop?
I have a gift for you. 
The last 7 days of January, join me for 7 minutes a day to learn (and apply) the 7 principles to stick with your new habit until it feels like, well, like you've always done it.


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