Celebrate Finding Balance and Being An Inspiration

Yesterday I got to chat with a woman who is celebrating months of keeping weight off. She participated in a transformational multi-week course I taught and she changed her lifestyle.

She lives a busy life as a nurse. (In fact, we had scheduled to talk yesterday because it was to be her day off, but she got called into work and headed there immediately after we filmed this.) Her lifestyle had gotten out of balance during/after college and she kept putting on weight even though she was exercising.

Through teaching her the principles of Intuitive Eating, a Powerful Plate, overcoming barriers to change, and stress management - and her diligence to experiment with the lessons - she lost 15 lbs, kept it off even during the holidays, increased her energy, balanced her emotions, and has inspired her dad to change to a healthier lifestyle, too.

You can do the same.


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