Three Tips to Grillin' Out Safely


You think (hopefully) about safety when you grill: keep the flame away from the fabric and the house, use long utensils to stay distant from the flame, pour water over the coals, and so forth.

Do you think about the safety of your body's cells when your grill?  Here are 3 simple ways to decrease the carcinogenic load of your grilling festivities:

1.  Vitamin C - Make sure to add lots of fresh fruit salad and raw broccoli as side items for your grilled meat.  Vitamin C and other antioxidants consumed with grilled meat help protect you.

2.  Rosemary - When you make an herb mix to season your meat, include plenty of rosemary.  Constituents in rosemary have also been shown to protect you from the harmful impact of grilling.

3.  Avoid charring.  I know, I know.  The charred pieces can add flavor.  But grill at a lower temperature and avoid charring the meat (or remove charred areas) to decrease the chemicals formed that increase your risk of cancer.

You don't have to skip the grilling the summer.  Just grill safely.


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