3 (Unexpected) Ways to Increase Your Confidence


Remember your mother telling you to sit up straight?  Or, more recent, when did you last remind your children to stop slouching?  While good posture is critical for joint health throughout your life, it also helps you succeed in your relationships and career.  It is one of three unexpected ways to increase your confidence.

1.  Sit and stand tall.  In a study from Ohio State University people were told to write down why they thought they were qualified for a professional job.  One group was told to sit up straight while they wrote.  The other group was instructed to slouch.  The group that sat up straight were significantly more likely to believe what they wrote about themselves.

Do you have a critical meeting?  Sit tall.  Are you on the phone with "big-wig" later today?  Before you dial the number, stand up and stand straight.


2.  Exercise.  It's not just about lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol.  Numerous studies link regular exercise, like walking, to promoting clear-thinking, improving memory and reaction time, as well as increasing self-esteem.  

Are you anxious about important decisions?  Are you traveling to meet with a possible client next week?  Go for a few walks and you will have greater confidence to decide and act.

3.  Start a small new health habit.  Why?  Success breeds success. 

Decide to drink a glass of water each morning and, after you have succeeded, your confidence increases.  Choose to have a side salad instead of fries for a week and by the end of the week, notice how you are congratulating yourself on a job well-done.

Do these three simple steps and you will increase your confidence.  Increase your confidence and you will improve how you relate with others and advance in your goals.  Mom was right.


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