Men: Mind Your P's to Keep Well

It's Men's Health Week and I want to thank all of the men in my life who have led by example in their pursuit of health.  Over years, here's what I've seen these healthy heroes do:

1.  Prioritize time for Physical Activity.  One man consistently rides his stationery bike each morning while he studies the Bible and prays.  He also plays golf.  Another man uses his breaks at work to exercise and then hikes on the weekends.  Find what works for you.

2.  Portion control.  I've seen these healthy men eat everything from salads to birthday cake.  The portions are always "reasonable."

3.  People.  One man, who is an introvert, makes an effort to invest time with family and close friends.  Why?  He knows that individuals with good social ties stay healthier than those who isolate themselves.

4.  Peace.  While social ties are important, peaceful time alone to reflect and rest is also vital to health.  These men find ways to manage their stress - time alone, exercise, talking through issues, and mindfulness techniques.

5.  Phyto-nutrients.  Specifically lycopene in tomatoes and other red fruits/vegetables, which has been shown to lower risk of prostate cancer.  I will admit, I have not talked with the healthy men throughout my life to learn if the reason they eat vegetables is for the lycopene.  However, I do know they eat a variety of vegetables.  So, I'll just choose to believe it was for the phyto-nutrients.

Mind these 5 P's a few times each week and you'll be a healthy hero.


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