5 Gifts for a Meaningful Christmas and Healthy New Year

Giving thoughtful gifts that mean something.  It's something we all want to do ... not just another gift card to a restaurant that you don't even know they if they like.  So, here are 5 gifts that support and care for the people in your life.  The first two are especially for women; the last three are for men, women, and families.  

Self-Care Monthly Box

I met these amazing moms in November.  Each month Bethany (the mom on the right) sends a self-care package to subscribers ... something for the spirit, the mind/emotions, and the body.  What a wonderful way to strengthen the women in your life with a monthly self-care package!


Their focus is "Taking self-care from a hope to a habit."  I agree.  Subscribe the mother in your life at www.ezermama.com

Made-from-scratch Mineral Makeup

Another great gift idea for women is makeup that is free of toxins.  We don't put junk in our bodies ... no need to put junk on our skin either. 


I've been using Emily's eyeshadows for a year now and love them.  She makes small batches in her home studio.  Don't know which colors to buy for a gift?  Emily has gift certificates.  Another huge plus?  A portion of "Redeeming Beauty Minerals" proceeds go toward Operation Beauty from Ashes - rescuing children from abuse in Thailand.

Order some stocking stuffers from www.redeemingbeautyminerals.com

Go Forward: 28 Days to Eat, Move, and Enjoy Life God's Way

Who do you know who wants to grow their relationship with God and learn what God says about healthy living?  Order a copy of Go Forward for them to start off the new year on the right path. 


Order their copy of Go Forward hereTheir book can be shipped directly to them.

New Year - New You Series

Who do you know who is ready to begin (or begin again) a healthier life?  In January I am offering a 6 week tele-course to help couples and families who struggle with making healthy choices fit their busy lives.  (And since I'm offering a "bring a friend" rate, you can join in and support them.)  A gift that will set them up for success in the New Year.

Email me at sheri@thevireolife.com for details.

Nourish Your Life

For the friend who has yo-yo dieted and is confused by complicated food rules.  This video/audio will set them free! 

(Nourish Your Life is available in DVD, CD, and downloadable.)

Nourish Your Life, DVD
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Wishing you a very healthy, fun, fulfilling Christmas with your family and friends. 

May you get all your heart desires and may you give love, health, and joy to everyone you meet.



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