Eight ways to fit in fitness and rock the holidays


Years ago when making the holiday-rounds to family, in-laws, cousins, and so on I got teased about a dog bite.  Seriously.  No compassion.

I had been walking/running that morning and a dog came out and bit me.  Despite the teasing, I said (and still believe) "You should get to do what you love on your birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas." 

It was more than just doing what I loved.  I feel more energized when I move on those days of sitting, traveling, and eating.  Often I like to walk both in the morning and between the feasts.  Beyond the energy, getting out to walk also helps relieve any stress from family in close quarters.  Even in a healthy family, after several hours interacting, I need a break.

Here are Eight Ways to increase your fitness while enjoying the festivities:

  1. At another family member's house? Volunteer to take the dogs for a walk.  (Especially if there are other dogs in the neighborhood.)
  2. Take balls and Frisbees to get games going with the kids outside.
  3. Walk first thing in the morning, before the feasting-rounds.  It will be cold, but you know it will be worth it, should situations not allow you to walk later.
  4. Embrace the full parking lots when shopping for gifts.  Get in as many steps as possible.
  5. Before you load yourself with packages, walk 2 laps inside the mall.  See who has the best sales and plan your shopping strategy while you walk.  (Or combine #1 and #5 like the picture below...walk the dog at the mall???)
  6. Watching a favorite holiday movie?  Strength train and stretch during commercials and anytime you can quote the lines.
  7. Be inefficient.  When you are getting decorations from the attic, don't try to carry several boxes at once.  Make several trips and you'll get in extra steps plus be less likely to break the ornaments your kids made last year.
  8. Turn on the holiday music and dance around the house.  Depending on your nosy neighbors, you may want to close the blinds.

Enjoy the holidays.  Stay active.


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