September is Hot

Perhaps the temperatures are beginning to turn toward Fall, but September is a "hot" month for health topics.  There are around 20 Health "Awareness/Safety/Education" highlights in September.  I'll focus on four of them:  Family Health and Fitness, Healthy Aging Month, National Cholesterol Education Month, and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  (For Childhood Cancer Awareness, I get to spotlight a friend, Jennifer McCoy, who will be guest blogging.)

Let's start with Family Health and Fitness.  What do you do with your family for fitness?  Or what fun do you want to begin?  Two of my favorite memories growing up were regular walks with my mother, having great conversation - meaning she listened to whatever I needed to talk about - and when I finally turned 13 and could go to the fitness center with her to workout.  (Back then we called it a "spa" but it was more workout than "spa".) 

Another activity we enjoyed was the 1980's version of workout videos.  Just like we have exercise DVD's today, she had exercise records to play on the turntable, complete with a brochure of pictures showing the exercises.  I know we looked silly, but it was great mother/daughter time in the family living room.  She instilled in me a love of exercise.

How can you instill in your children a love of movement that they will enjoy all of their lives?  It is not just sitting on the sidelines watching them play a sport.  Be active with them.  They need to see you as an adult enjoying physical activity.  Plus it will give you opportunity to listen to what is going on in their lives and teach them your values.  What a win for everyone!



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