Le Personal Coach

Read an entertaining and somewhat helpful book by Valerie Orsoni and you can (kind of) have your own "Le Personal Coach."  Her subtitle is "A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit and Slim without the Gym."

I agree with Valerie's premise:  you do not need a gym or hours a day to be fit.  Her tips include things like doing wall push-ups each time you go to the restroom, squeezing a ball between your knees when sitting at work and, of course, walk around or do lunges when you talk on the telephone. 

I like her way of teaching the idea that exercise can be incorporated into life.  I do caution you on two points:  (1)  Some of the promises are more motivation than reality.  For example, Valerie encourages readers to squat over (vs sit on) the toilet 6 times a day and "you're guaranteed great thighs for bathing-suit season!"  It takes more than 6 squat holds a day for most folks, but putting all of her ideas together may get you where you want to be for the beach.  Take those comments as an encouragement, not a promise.  (2)  This next one is a real concern...she advises readers to wear ankle weights when walking around.  That is dangerous for your knees and hips.  Please don't wear ankle weights for anything other than floor exercises. 

Speaking of the ankle weights...take my advice, like Valerie's and pull those weights out and use them while you are watching a movie this weekend (or at least during TV commercial breaks).  And do get the book "Le Personal Coach."  The layout of the book is great as a "reminder  book" to have around.  Pick it up; open it up; find an idea to follow.


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