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Are you frustrated with yo-yo dieting?  Are you confused by complicated food-rules?  Do you want to improve your health and energy? 

Download the 80-minute video (three files) of Nourish Your Life.  Participate and experience the workshop, then watch again on-the-go as you make these practices part of your lifestyle.

          You will learn about…

-      intuitive eating

-      building a powerful plate

-      eating a rainbow

-      traditional foods

-      incorporating nourishment into your lifestyle

-      overcoming barriers to healthy eating.

Plus, hear insights from the workshop participants.

Bonus:  Links to recipes, workshop handouts, and worksheets to practice at your own pace.

Start your journey to lasting health.


*Why the special shopping cart?  There is so much great information, it won’t all fit in the regular cart.  Well, not exactly.  Yes, the workshop is great, but it is actually the 3 large data-files that needs a separate shopping cart.  Each file usually takes several minutes to download, depending on your connection speed.  To aid your connection, consider downloading to your PC or MAC vs. a mobile device.