If you have struggled with yo-yo dieting, you know that dieting does not work.  In the past few years research has begun to show us how dieting actually sets us up to gain weight. 

On the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to how you are fueling your body, you may not have the health and energy you want.

There is an answer:  “Gentle Nutrition” and Intuitive Eating.

Nutrition & Intuitive Eating Session:  $100* per individual session

Nutrition & Intuitive Eating Initial Package:  $357* for four sessions "now" and one scheduled 6 months from your start date.

Why six months?

We want you to succeed on your journey.  Research shows a new lifestyle takes at least six months for it to become "second nature" - so we include a "Staying on the Path" session at six months. 

Nutrition & Intuitive Eating Follow Up Packages:  $287 for four sessions.

Are you dealing with a medical issue that requires specific nutrition guidance?  ViREO Life partners with a Registered Dietician, so we can help.  Rates vary for the additional service.  Also, we can work with your current Registered Dietician to incorporate Intuitive Eating with your specific nutrition plan.

*If over 20 miles travel, small trip fee will be added.

Contact us.  Start living the ViREO Life.

Get creative...enjoy your food.